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For our Owners
Simply more profits, lower expenses, better reports.
Peace of mind is the greatest benefit we offer to our clients. As the State's Leading Property Management Company, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service at the best value in the market. You can benefit from our service wherever you are located. Our comprehensive marketing strategy, advanced accounting systems, and stream-lined business processes make us far superior to the competition. ENTRUST REAL ESTATE SERVICES is the property management company for the 21century. 
Finding Tenants 
When your property is vacant, we will advertise immediately in the highest viewed locations; internet, radio, newspapers, special government programs, as well as a list of prospective tenants we have on hand that are currently looking. These marketing efforts usually take place within 36 hours of a vacancy, as well as evaluation of repairs and misc. maintenance. Time is YOUR money.
Credit and Criminal Screening
Entrust Real Estate Services requires each potential tenant over the age of 18 to complete an application. We follow up with a thorough background check to verify employment, rental history, credit, and criminal history. We go through this rigorous screening process to ensure that we are placing the best possible tenant in your property. We're so confident in our screening process that we offer a Replacement Guarantee.  If you’re tenant moves out in 4 month or less we will replace them.* 
Timely Owner Checks
We understand time is YOUR money. That is why we offer several options to receive collected rents. As rent payments are collected either by electronic means, mail, or in person, you won’t have to wait because our streamlined system offers direct deposit into your account. Why wait for your money?
On-line Access to Accounting and financial reporting.
Maintenance Coordination
In addition to saving you money, Entrust Real Estate Services provides high quality maintenance on your property. With our in-house maintenance staff, we complete maintenance work requests faster and at a lower cost than what you could do on your own. We save as much as 40% or more than many of our competitors. We have seen some competitors lower their monthly management fees in order to entice you to sign up with them; however, when you receive your monthly statement you are surprised by the highly expensive repair costs. (One of our newer clients was quoted a plastic shower surround kit to be removed and replaced at a cost just over $1,800.00. (“this is a tub surround kit bought at home depot”) our tile installer did the job with title for just over $900). We offer better quality and better durability for HALF the price. 
Email repairs@entrustrentals.com for copies of quotes and finished product.
Periodic property Inspection
Entrust Real Estate Services performs thorough inspections of your rental unit, both inside and out. This inspection ensures that your rental property is being properly cared for and that the tenants are adhering to the terms of their lease.
Rent Collections and Evictions processing (If necessary) 
We follow our innovative and proven methods for collecting rent. Our property managers are knowledgeable in state and local property management laws. If rents are not paid on time we initiate the legal steps necessary to collect rents and/or evict tenants.
Experience the Entrust Property Management advantage! We are confident you, like our current clients, will be satisfied with our range of property management services. Our business models and operational procedures are unique and unsurpassed by any company.

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