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Entrust Real Estate Services' founder, Greg Ketch , is a real estate investor who, for years, have turned down property managment requests from friends, family, and colleagues who saw the outstanding performance of the owners' personal portfolios.  He is a  Certified Real Estate Investors and ISAT certified and has trained over 800 clients over the years on how to invest, evaluate and manage Real Property.

With Real Estate Investment and Management experience of over 15 years, our founder recognized that the property management companies in their sector were under qualified, disorganized, and built fee structures contrary to the owners' goals.
As an owner of his own properties he knew that paying too much for repairs, evictions, tenant placement, etc., reduced the overall value of the property when it came time to sell; but also, more importantly, cut into the owner’s monthly profits. Entrust Real Estate Services has set out to change the industry, by using a preventative maintenance approach which enables us to keep cost lower. With quarterly inspections on key areas of potential future damage, we can catch costly maintenance before it ever happens. Also, we are able to charge less than most other management companies because catching a problem before it happens allows us to use less industry specialists for repairs.
Entrust Real Estate Services has a unique approach to property management and is the right property management company for you!

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